Hulisani Ravele’s Destiny Magazine cover celebration – Lessons learned

On the 24th of June, I had the honor of attending the magazine cover celebration of a former colleague of mine, Hulisani Ravele. The universe couldn’t have chosen a better way for me to spend my Sunday afternoon! I wish could bottle how Huli’s Destiny Youth cover celebration left me feeling…lessons for days and a reminder to not only return to our source but to stay there. What I took from the session was the importance of:

  • Establishing and maintaining a relationship with God.
  • Being clear about your vision and intentional about aligning your actions with your vision.
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people and being careful about who you allow into your space. Those that will help amplify your peace or whatever it is that you value the most are important.
Learning to accept that it’s okay to get things wrong. We are all humans, there is no perfect script. Rest when you need to do so, it will help you find answers and allow you to spend time with God.

It’s amazing watching the people around you grow. It not only fuels the fire that you need to keep moving in the path that you’ve chosen but also teaches you about the power of possibility.


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